Announcements (Updated 12/10/2017)

Next Band Booster Meeting The next band booster meeting will be held on Monday, January 8th, at 6:30pm.  We will be voting on Booster Office positions of President, Vice-President (fundraising), Treasurer, and Secretary.


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All activities for the EVSC have been cancelled this evening due to the incoming weather. This includes the Band Banquet. The banquet will be rescheduled at a later date, we will keep you posted for the new date. ... See MoreSee Less

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Attention Pep Band:
The start time for the game on Thursday, January 17th has been moved up to 6:00pm. Please report to the band room at 5:15pm. The end of the game will be at approximately 8:00pm.
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ISSMA District Solo & Ensemble Schedule
Saturday, January 26th
AIS Diamond

Judge #1
Performance Room 26A
Warm-up Room 26B
9:54 Molli Pearson
1:52 Ashley Eich- Flute
2:34 Ashley Eich- Piccolo

Judge #2
Performance Room 23
Warm-up Room 27
2:42 Lydia Emmons

Judge #3
Performance Room 12
Warm-up Room 10
9:05 Omar- WW Trio
9:23 Mangold- WW Trio

Judge #4
Performance Room 14
Warm-up Room 20
11:28 Shelby Haynes
12:46 Evan Crang
1:16 Charity Arnold
2:04 Katarina Emmert
2:22 Anna LaGrange
3:02 Christina Muller

Judge #5
Performance Room 15
Warm-up Room 18
1:06 Ethan Reherman

Judge #6
Performance Room 8
Warm-up Room 9
1:06 Keegan Nunnally
1:36 Sophia Suter
2:18 Ashley Eich
3:04 Vladimir Hladynyuk

Judge #7
Performance Room 16
Warm-up Room 17 & 18
9:02 Large Woodwind Ensemble
10:30 Estel- Saxophone Sextet

Judge #8
Performance Room 32
Warm-up Room 51
9:36 Emily Rexing- Trumpet
10:12 John Pereboom
10:46 Justin Reherman
10:58 Eli Campbell
11:40 Grant Emmert
1:16 Joseph Terry

Judge #9
Performance Room 33
Warm-up Room 50
9:50 Emily Rexing- Horn

Judge #10
Performance Room 34
Warm-up Room 49
10:58 Lydia Czoer
11:28 Jacob Letterman
2:16 Bryce Stricker

Judge #12
Performance Room 57
Warm-up Room 54
2:06 Large Brass Ensemble

Judge #13
Performance Room 3
Warm-up – Stage
10:43 Aaron Lueken
11:31 Ethan Varden- Snare

Judge #14
Performance Room 1
Warm-up Room – Stage
11:11 Shawn Lightner

Judge #15
Performance Room 2
Warm-up Room – Stage
11:11 Large Percussion Ensemble
1:58 Ethan Varden- Drum Set
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Attention to those going on the Disney trip over spring break. Please email Mr. Emmert the following information by Wednesday, January 16th:

1. Who you would like to room with. Please provide first and last names. Rooms will be separated by gender. Families are allowed to stay together. No more than four per room. Please remember that the cost of your trip will increase if you decide to do less than four per room.

2. Who you would like to sit with on the bus. Please provide first and last name. Your seat partner must be the same gender as yourself.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone's request. Anyone who does not submit this information by January 16th will be assigned roommates and a bus partner. Mr. Emmert's email address is
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Happy New Year! The Green Brigade had another sensational year in 2018 and here's to an even better 2019! ... See MoreSee Less

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