Volunteer Opportunities

Green Brigade Committees:

UNIFORMS:  Responsible for issuing and maintaining marching band uniforms.  This committee schedules fittings for students, assists with alterations (which mainly entails hemming) and repairs uniforms as necessary.  This committee also oversees the disbursement and storing of uniforms for all marching band functions and assists in uniform cleaning (divided amongst committee members and laundered at home).

SECTION PARENTS: Responsible for coordination of sections, coordinating applicable special events, locker signs for sections, and assisting with laundering of uniforms as available.

CHUCKWAGON: Responsible for feeding the band kids during band camp weeks, Saturday (all-day) rehearsals, and Saturday performances.

BUS CHAPERONES: Coordinates volunteers to serve as bus chaperones, assures that sufficient chaperones are scheduled, and ensures chaperones understand their responsibilities.  Chaperones are required for all travel to competitions or other performances, special events, overnight travel, and any other event that takes the students off campus.  Parents who wish to chaperone must register with and be approved by the EVSC prior to chaperoning students.

PIT CREW (EQUIPMENT & TRANSPORTATION):  Responsible for ensuring all equipment is present at all performances for marching band. For away performances, this committee transports, loads, and unloads all equipment.  At the performance, pit crew members transport large “non-marching” instruments, props and equipment to and from the marching band field or concert stage.  This committee is also responsible for scheduling box truck drivers if needed.

FUNDRAISING: Organizes, administers, and oversees all approved fundraising activities that enable band students to earn funds for their individual band accounts as well as the greater good of the organization.   Also, applies for grants and secures sponsors for the band organization as needed.

SOUND CREW:  Responsible for ensuring all sound equipment is present and working at all performances for marching bands.  This committee assists at rehearsals to test and fine-tune equipment.  For performances, this committee transports, loads, and unloads all sound equipment and assists with making sure the equipment is hooked up and functioning properly.